If you want to build a duplex building, whether for sale or to live in one of the units and rent the rest, the very important step you can't overlook is finding the best duplex builder. Not every contractor is well versed with designing a duplex building. You therefore need to find the best contractor who will come up with the best duplex designs for you. Here are some of the tips you can use in order to find the best duplex builder for your project. 

Define Your Needs 

It is wise to have in mind the type of house you want. In as much as most builders build a wide range of houses, there are some who specialize in certain types of houses. You will find that some of them don't build houses of certain designs and price ranges. Having in mind the type of house you want, your set budget and the type of materials you want your house to be built of can go a long way in making sure that you are in the right track in finding the best duplex builder who matches your criteria.


The experience of your prospective duplex builders is very important. Go for a builder who is well experienced in building duplex units. Don't go for starters who will use your house as the measure for their house building experience unless they give show you some prove that they are qualified and up to the task. Remember some starter can be even better than long term builders but it is important to look for strong experience overall in building and don't base it on the number of years the builder has been in business. 

References and Referrals 

You can ask your builder to provide you with a list of references and referrals. You can either give them a call or pay them a visit and ask them about their experiences with the contractor. If they were satisfied with their services then they are worth considering. You can also check some of the builder's past projects and see whether they can impress you and you would want the same or not. Visit this website at and know more about home building. 


Find out whether the builder is licensed or not. A licensed builder has gone through all the necessary requirements for licensing and hence there services are likely to be better. Also determine whether the contractor has an insurance contract and what is covered in such a contract. 

Available Designs  

See whether the duplex buildersh as a duplex design fit for you. Some builders have specific designs they can construct and if your needs don't fall within their list of designs then you are left out.